First 100 Subscribers

Stop scrambling to find and KEEP high-quality customers who happily pay higher prices and tell everyone they know.

Pick an Audience you want to serve, the one you really care about.


Be you, authentically you.


Build a relationship with that audience.


I’ll show you how to attract your first 100 subscribers, and increase your sales through nurturing relationships online and through authentic email automation.

Make the shift from fearing marketing and selling to attracting the RIGHT customers. You'll begin to think of it as communicating HOW you help people, rather than an icky-feeling task in your business. 

When you identify your audience and get specific on who that person is, you end up speaking more authentically and in a way that connects with that person. 

Your audience begins to feel like you are reading their mind. 

And you go from not knowing what to say, to having plenty of ideas because your audience is talking to you, they are engaged. Your audience connects with who you are and falls in love with you. Then they’re hooked. 

You begin to attract the right people to your business. Suddenly your inquiries align with where you want to be and how you want to help people. 

Attract a highly engaged “waitlist” of customers ready to buy from you. 

8 Modules

Day 1 - Become a Mind Reader

How to become a mind reader and know exactly what your audience is thinking.

Day 2 - Get Your Audience's Attention

How to get your audience’s attention and deliver exactly what they need.

Day 5 -Get them to Open Emails

Be the person whose name your customers want to see when they open their inbox. 🙌

BONUS! Welcome Email Swipe File

BONUS!!! You made it all the way!

Modules for this product 8
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